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Revelation Financial Planning LLC office is located in North Seattle in the Phinney Ridge/Greenwood area.

Revelation Financial Planning LLC takes an unbiased approach with no outside influences or limits.  We put your needs and goals first not our bottom line.  Our recommendations are not restricted to the products we sell or the commissions we receive because we sell no products and receive no commissions.  We offer more than just investment advice.

We offer custom financial planning services on an hourly, as-needed basis.  Benefits to you:

If you are interested in both the answers to the “How To” questions but also willing to take the next step to actually act on what you learned then we can help you make this possible.  We are not hand holders.  We will educate you on how to take control of the specific area where help is requested. 

Most financial planner/advisors are looking for those individuals with substantial wealth where they can coddle them and take care of their every need and charge a fee for the assets they manage.  We don’'t do this at Revelation Financial Planning LLC.  We are here to listen and understand your issues and what your goals are and then put you on a path to meet your goals on your own terms.  You become the boss!

We are very flexible to your needs because each client has their own unique circumstances.  There is no cookie cutter approach.  We can provide a comprehensive financial review or concentrate one specific project.