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Many people have already contacted another professional to help them with their investments, risk management or other planning issues.  You might be having second thoughts about what the professional has suggested and are seeking an unbiased second opinion from someone where there is no conflict of interest.

You also might not be happy with the products that have been selected by the professional for you.  This is especially important with investments.  Do you feel the investment broker is more concerned about generating commissions then your welfare or just not happy with the performance?  Most investing is for the long-term but a buy and hold strategy will generate little money for the broker.  If you are frustrated and not sure what to do then Revelation Financial Planning is here to assist you.

You can engage Revelation Financial Planning for a one-time review.  We would evaluate the situation and offer an unbiased, professional recommendation.

If you have the time and interest with the help of the Internet and books one should be able to formulate their own financial plan if their financial lives are not too complicated.  I whole heartedly recommend that you do the research and become as educated on the subjects as possible.  Taking the next step to put together a financial plan on your own would only be recommended if you have it reviewed by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional. RFP would be more than willing to review your do-it-yourself plan to make sure you are on the right track.

Or maybe you just want to bounce some ideas around because the financial field is so wide open and many of the rules are ever changing.